WestJetAirline (at Westjet.ca) wants to have friendly, safe, and affordable air travel.  They are in turn doing this by keeping in mind what their customers want and need.  In 2005 many consumers alike have used their website to expedite the usual slow process.  In just minutes you can have all your plans taken care of. 

When you first come to the official WestJetairlines website you will need to first select the language you prefer.  Upon doing so the main home page appears.  Here you will see lots of the color sky blue.  You will likely see at the top of the screen the west jet logo in navy and green lettering. 

This is a simple and very user friendly website that you will find very helpful.  Probably the best method to use on this website is the navy bar at the top of the webpage.  Starting with Flights all the way over to Contact, once you place your mouse over the topic of your choice a drop down box will appear with more options.  Click on any that suit your interest. 

Now that you know where the most helpful tool on this website is you can find just about anything.  It’s literally all at you finger tips, you just need to choose a selection.  When you do another webpage will open to show you your options.  WestJetairlines (westjet.ca) is smart and put in the order starting with Flights, because they know most people are interested in that.  By selecting out of the drop down box Book a flight, you now can either get some prices on flights or actual booking.  By simply entering the dates and destination you are searching for you will see some prices.  Then you may actually book if that is your desire.

Why not take it a step further and look into Travel offers before leaving the site.  Here you will see the seat sales, special packages, groups, conventions, gift certificates, and partners.  Click on cars and put the dates in to correspond with your flight.  Choose a car of your liking and pick it up at the airport.  While you’re here why not book a hotel too.  The choice is yours and the selections are endless.  Maybe you want a hotel with a continental breakfast or a dry cleaning service.  West Jet Airline will meet all your needs so check them out. 

If you would to contact WestJetAirlines yourself you can.  For toll free please call: 
1-888-WESTJET (1-888-937-8538) or call: 1-800-538-5696.  Or if you would like to visit there official website you can choose this link.  http://www.westjet.com. (westjet.ca)

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